CoL01 First-event July 2016

12 August 2016 3 images

Saturday 30th of July there was a first event called Cradle of Life. It was called that way, because this first event was about the sea, where all life on earth originates from. Perhaps the acronym will stick, perhaps we will find a more general name, since we intend to support children explore nature and life around them in all sorts of places.

This first event is captured in a slideshow (as a QuickTime movie).



You can watch it online by clicking on the first icon below this text, and then clicking on the title of the movie further down this page. This will bring up the moview viewing page.

It may well be that the connection is not good and it may be better to download the movie. A higher resolution file is then better. To do that, click on the second or third icon below. This will bring you to the movie viewing page. Righ-click on the movie and select the download option.