The World is Beautiful and Fragile

An impression of the natural beauty and cultural expressions of places where we have been for living or working, or simply passed through at some stage.

The photos on this website are not prize-winning images. Some might even be considered as sub-standard by today's standards. Yet, by putting them on these pages, they witness the presence of diversity, ecological value or beauty on a site. That, of course, is well-known of national parks in, say, Kenya. But more mundane places - for instance the coastline and ricefields around Dong Hoi, Vietnam - contain more than casual glances would suggest.

Climate Change will be the defining issue for this century

Struggles are going on everywhere, from the Ukraine and Afghanistan, to the independence referendum for Scotland, ISIS advance in the Middle East, and the seemingly eternal upheaval concerning the Israeli / Palestine lands. Yet, these struggles will be in vain, once Climate Change impacts grow more intense, in magnitude and wide-spread. This also threatens the biodiversity as we know it and on which we rely for our existence.

Although the idea is to enjoy the photos in the albums, the banner there will keep on reminding you of climate change. I also have a blogging site Respecting Nature - In praise of biodiversity. The first post is about - you guess it - Climate Change.


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